At Shop QoQo, we specialize in customized handmade satin lined hair bonnets, hair wraps, durags, table accessories , pouches and purses, sofa and pillow covers and other products like T-Shirts and Handmade Shea Butter. 


Our Bonnets:

Our bonnets, hair wraps and durags are made from premium Ankara fabric with satin lining inside that protects your hair all day especially at nighttime if you want your hairstyle or curls preserved. As you know hairstyle and hair conditions reflects one’s personality and style. Neat and well-groomed for example is seen in a person who is in control of life and who is organized and easy to work with. Thus, proper care of your hair is as important as caring for your skin. With our hair caps, say goodbye to split ends, say hello to hydrated and better-looking hair.


Our 100% Authentic Shea Butter

We strive to provide the best quality products. Our Shea butter is 100% authentic and unrefined with no chemicals.  Just 100% Pure Shea Butter.


Our Modiella T-Shirt

Our Modiella T-Shirt are designed and made by Nina-Simone, a  10-year-old grade 5 student who has a passion for craft and artwork. She designed all the patterns for the T-Shirt.


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