Billing, Canceling & Modifying Orders

Billing Questions

For your own security and protection, Shop QoQo will pre-authorize the full amount of your purchase plus applicable sales tax and shipping to verify your billing address and payment information. Any pre-authorization for failed or canceled orders will drop off your account within 1-7 business days depending on your financial institution. Shop QoQo will collect payment and post the actual amount of the purchase only when your order is shipped from our warehouse.

The Shop QoQo charge will be listed on your credit card bill as: Shop QoQo and the total amount charged.

Order Status & Modifying Orders

Before you place your order, you can view the contents and the total amount in your shopping basket. Once your order is placed, it cannot be modified. If you would like to cancel your order, most orders can be canceled up to an hour after being placed. To check the status of an order, check the Order Details page.

For more information on returns, please visit our Returns & Refund Policy section.

Problems with Checkout

Billing Information Errors
Here are some helpful suggestions if you receive the following error messages on the Billing Information page:

Error Message – "The billing information that you entered does not match your credit card information. Please verify your billing information to ensure that it matches your credit card billing address (i.e., street/city/state/zip address must match EXACTLY)."

If you receive this message after you have attempted to submit your order, you may want to check the following:

Ensure that there are no typos or misspellings with your name, street address, city, province, and postal code.

Verify that your billing address on your credit card bill is exactly the same as you have entered.

Call your issuing bank to ensure that your bank has recently updated their online transaction database. In some cases, the address they have entered into their online address verification system is outdated.

You may want to try an old address, because in some cases, it takes a while for banks to update their information. Addresses up to two years old can be authorized successfully.

**Please be aware that with each submission, you may place another hold on your funds for the total amount of the order. In many cases, submission with a valid credit card number with an incorrect billing address will still result in a hold on your account. If this occurs, please note that those authorizations will drop off your account within 2 - 4 business days depending on your issuing bank. Please contact your bank for further questions.

Partially Canceled Orders

Out of Stock Item After Order has been Placed
If an item in your order is out of stock after your order has been placed, the out of stock item will be canceled from your order and you will receive notification via email. All in stock items in your order will be shipped to you. If the initial order you placed met the minimum free shipping threshold but part of your order was canceled by Shop QoQo, the order will still ship for free. If you would like to be notified when the item is back in stock, please visit the product page and sign up for the “email me when in stock” alert. Orders that contain out of stock items will be partially canceled for U.S. and Canada orders only.


Sales Tax

The tax rate applied depends on your ship-to destination. Tax is calculated on the merchandise total of your order, and in some provinces, sales tax is payable on shipping and handling charges.