Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is African Wax Fabric Made Of?:

In sales and marketing vernacular, 'African print' is a general term used to identify a category of textiles using 100% cotton fabric in vibrant colors, which are printed by machine using wax resins and dyes so that they have a batik-like effect on both sides of the fabric.

2. Wax Print Fabric Production:

There are various wax prints. Two of these our used in the production of our products are as follow: . The block printing cotton wax fabric and water wax fabric

  • Block Wax Fabric: A block-printing machine applies resin to both sides of the fabric. It is then submerged into the dye, in order to allow the dye to repel the resin covered parts of the fabric. This process is repeated, to build up a coloured design on the fabric.
  • Water Wax Fabric: It's not completely waterproof. If you went swimming with a bonnet, it would leak. ... However, waxed are mildly  water-resistant. In a storm, the fabric will shed the rain with ease for some period of time.

3. How Do You Soften Wax On Fabric?:

  1. Add 8 tbsp (120 ml) of salt to 1 quart of cold or lukewarm water. ...
  2. White vinegar (and it must be white – dark vinegar may stain fabrics) naturally softens the fabric. ...
  3. One thing it is important to remember is to stay away from excessive heat.

4. When Your Wax Print Needs Cleaning:

When your  fabric need cleaning, the most efficient method is to place them in a washing machine with mild detergent and to select a non-spin cycle that never exceeds 30⁰C. ... Once fully dry, you should iron each piece of wax print; with the patterned side facing down while you are doing so.


5. Before Washing Your Fabric :

You should first test them to determine thei colour fast properties. You can do so by wetting a piece of white fabric, placing it over your wax print and ironing over both pieces until they are fully dry. If you lift the dry white fabric and some of the colour from your wax print  has run onto it, then you will know that you will need to separate this particular fabric from your other contrasting wax print patterns when they need to be washed.


 6Can I Iron My Wax Print?:

If you must use an iron, make sure to use a medium setting and a protective press cloth to keep your iron free of melted wax. Careful ironing with a press cloth can be used to smooth out unwanted creases and wrinkles but avoid it as much as possible. The water wax may not need any ironing. However the block wax may need ironing because it shrinks and wrinkles when it is washed.