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XoXo Women Ankara Hair Bonnet

XoXo Women Ankara Hair Bonnet

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Shop Qoqo store has the perfect hair wrap for Women who want to protect their  edges and hair while shopping yet keep hair styles in one place. Our hair wrap keeps your natural oils in your hair throughout the day. The hair wrap works for  different kinds of hair like curly hair, Dredlocs, braids, permed hair etc. 


DESCRIPTION: Double Layer Hair Wrap

Outside: Ankara Cotton  Fabric

Inside:   Satin Fabric

  • Satin fabric inside and Ankara outside to protect your hair from heat, dryness , breaking, and intact as well as keep your hair products in your hair.
  • Easy to wear and firm on head at home or anywhere with this  hair wrap without discomfort. 
  • Has elastic band to keep the hair wrap firm on head when sleeping. 
  • Wash cold with similar colours to prevent color fading.
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